What’s Timebanco?

Timebanco is a community of people who freely exchange their talents, interests, and passions and use time as currency (Timecredits) instead of money.
Members use Timecredits to pay for the services they need while building trustworthy relations.
1 hour = 1 hour. No matter what. No matter who.

How do I pay with Time?

First of all you need to have some Timecredits in order to pay for a service, so check your Digital Time Wallet to see your “funds”. When you request a service to a user, and the service gets done, you will receive a Time Payment Request from the user that provided the service. This Time Payment Request has to be equal to the amount of time that the service took to be performed.

I’ve helped another user, how can I get the time that she/he owes me?

Click on the button Request Time Payment right below your chat window. Once you do that you will be asked to first choose the Talent you’ve just offered and then you will need to select the amount of time that took you to provide the service. You can either use the slider bar or - to be more precise - you can increase and decrease the time by clicking on the two black arrows. When these two steps are complete you can click on the button Request Time Payment to confirm.

How do I measure the time to request?

You can only request the amount of time that a service took to perform. The provider should give an estimate before the service starts. If it is not possible to accurately predict the time required to execute a job it is very important to keep the receiver of the service well informed during the process. This is particularly important when a service requires more than 2 hours. Make sure you keep a written communication within Timebanco so - in case something doesn’t go as planned - we will be able to assist you.

What should I do if I don’t agree on the amount of time exchanged?

First, follow the steps of the previous question. If you still can not reach an agreement with the other party you can send us an email or you can report a user.

Who is in charge of covering the costs for a service that requires extra expenses (i.e. material, transportation, etc…)?

Usually whoever is requesting the service is responsible for the expenses for extra material (for example if you need a painter you will be responsible to pay for the paint). In terms of transportation the two parties will need to reach an agreement prior the commencement of the job. Make sure you keep a written communication within Timebanco so - in case something doesn’t go as planned - we will be able to assist you.

What shall I do if I am not satisfied with the service I received?

First, reach out to the provider of the service and ask for an explanation. If you are not satisfied at all with the service you can ask the provider to redo the job or you could agree not to pay for the service. The 3 magic words are communication, communication, communication.

If you still aren’t able to reach an agreement, you will need to leave a negative rating and feedback. The feedback are public and no one is pleased to receive a negative feedback. For more serious matters you can send us an email or you can report a user.

Who is guaranteeing that the provider is able to deliver a good service?

The community itself is responsible to rate users and thus guaranteeing the quality of another user. That is why it is essential to always leave detailed feedback after an exchange. In case a user hasn’t been rated, yet, it is hers/his responsibility to fill out hers/his profile to show her/his capabilities. Providing as much information as possible is the best way to guarantee your service.

Can I close a deal without rating the person that provided the service or without writing a feedback?


Am I obliged to spend the time I've earned with the person that provided a service to me (or with the person that donated time to me)?

Each user is free to spend their time earned with anyone (not necessarily with the person that provided a service). The user can also decide to donate time to anyone he/she wishes.

Someone is asking for my help. Am I obliged to provide a service for her/him?

No. It is entirely up to you if you want to provide a service or not.

I feel that I don’t have any particular skills nor talents to offer. Can I still participate in Timebanco?

Many people feel exactly the same :) We truly believe everyone has something to offer: what, to you may seem like a small thing, for others might be extremely precious. You do not need to be superman to register on Timebanco. Most of the times it's enough to just share hobbies, passions or interests. Some users might just need you to stand in line at a post office, or, if you drive, they might need a lift, or they just want to practice English via conference call.

Do I have to offer my professional skills?

Timebanco, among other things, wants to stimulate people’s hidden talents. We believe that everyone posses extra skills they love to share. Although - we are sure - you are a great professional, we are equally certain that you can share what you enjoy doing most. Unfortunately not everyone is so fortunate to earn a living doing what they love, so here is a chance to express your full potential.
On Timebanco, you can choose one or many skills among the nearly 200 available: we bet you'll be spoiled with choices!

When I spend all my time and I have zero balance in my Time Wallet, how can I earn more time if nobody is requesting my services?

On Timebanco you have three options to earn time besides offering your services:

1. if you invite your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin friends to register on Timebanco you will earn 30 minutes for each person that joins the community

2. if you are a content creator and have a blog, website, or a project page, you should embed the Time Wallet of Timebanco (Widget). In doing so people can show their support by donating time to you

3. you can become a Timebanco Ambassador and help us grow the community. Send us an email if you want to learn more.

When I need a specific service how can I find what I am looking for?

You have two ways to reach out to people that might be able to help you:

1. Post a Request: click on the green button New Request/Project on the top of the page (next to Timebanco logo) and fill out the fields. Here you will have the opportunity to upload a picture, write a title and description for the service you need, and select the skill(s) needed. When you are done you can click on the Post the Request button and each user with that specific skill will be automatically notified. Someone will contact you soon!

2. Use the Search Bar: type the skill you need in the Search Bar on the top of the page (for example Translator). The system will automatically sort a simple list of all the people with that specific talent. If you’d like to view all the profiles scroll to the bottom of the list and click the link View all…. Remember that you’ll be able to sort users by location, by highest rating, or you can view them on the map by clicking on the Map button on the top right. Once you’ve made your choice you can simply contact the user directly by clicking on the Message button on her/his profile, right below the Avatar.

I’ve received several replies to my request. What shall I do?

If your request has already been satisfied by someone you should still notify the users that reached out to you. Courtesy goes a long way :-) You could write something like “Thank you for your offer, but someone else already helped me”.

You can even donate some time to them (for example 5 minutes), if you believe they’ve contributed in a way or another.

Nobody replied to my help request. What shall I do?

Make sure your profile is up to date. Make sure you’ve uploaded a nice picture of yourself and you’ve provided your basic info. Keep in mind that nobody wants to communicate with anonymous profiles…

There are a few ways to make your request more “attractive”… First of all make sure you upload a nice picture to your post. The title of your post is also very important, so make sure your ask is clear and short. You can be more specific in the description field. It is also important to choose the correct skill for your request. IMPORTANT: you can now select multiple skills for a single request, so if you are looking for a Graphic Designer to help you with the look of your blog, make sure you also add related skills to your request. For example: Web Designer, Illustrator, etc…

If even after all this you still don’t get any replies it means that at this time no one can provide the service you need. Keep in mind that our community is growing fast, so try to post your request in a week!

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